SACRED is the name given to the collection of sound pieces that will be performed by Nina Oltarzewska 

Nina makes ethereal melancholic music inspired by her religious upbringing and its long lasting impacts. Her harmonies and vocal techniques are reminiscent of church choirs and aim to settle her anguish with the fight between the symbolic 'good' and 'evil' inside her mind. Nina Ołtarzewska (b.1998) is a French artist based in London. She graduated with a BFA in 2021 from the Belfast School of Art. She graduated from an MA Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art in December 2023.

The event aims to bring together different musical styles and embrace the diversity of expression and technical choices in each act's music.Nina will be supported by Matty Whelan, Between Dark Eyes, Lady Sybil and DJ UJ.

£9 and £11 OTD

Metre Squared is located in 2 Muirfield Crescent, a 15m walk from Canary Wharf on the Jubilee line and a 5 minute walk from Crossharbour on the DLR.

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