Introducing the NEW (un)OFFICIAL ART SHOW ENTRY CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM that just makes it so simple for everyone to navigate the complexities of the Art World. Using the SUCCESSFUL ARTISTS Art Show Badge System you need never again waste time wondering if the person you are talking to is really worth your valuable time.

Richard Cook, Hannah Imhoff and Yuying Huang, preparing the stickers for Chelsea's 2023 MA Show opening

Hannah Imhoff and Nina Oltarzewska distributing stickers to members of the public.

Richard Cook handing out a ‘Succsessful Artist’ sticker to a member of the public

Member of the public with ‘Collector’ and ‘Successful Artist’ stickers on their bag.

Nina Oltarzewska handing out a ‘Gallerist’ sticker to a member of the public.

© Nina Ołtarzewska 2023